Saturday, March 21, 2009


Having a loved one pass away can cause mixed emotions and hurt, but just remember the good times and one day you will join that person again.

Gordon Ansley Kinchen II Nov. 9, 1973-Sept. 14, 1994

by Jamie Hjelm

He was young
His life had just begun
All of a sudden it was taken away
I didn't even get to say the things I wanted to say
Only if God could see
How he could of turned out to be
Alcohol was the cause
He was wrong and broke the law
He wasn't the only one to pay
I still cry to this day
He would have been 21 this year
Sometimes I envision him in my mind
As clear as I would in a mirror
I only hope he knows
that no matter where in life I go
I love him so much
I only wish I could feel his touch
Only if God could see
How much he meant to me
Why won't the sorrow disappear?
Why can't I stop shedding the tears?
I never told him how much I cared
or how much I enjoyed the things we shared
All of mind is filled with hate
Because I never told him of my love
and now it's too late
Sometimes I feel he's here
I only wish he didn't drink that beer
For he'd be alive today
and I wouldn't think of reasons "Why?" to say

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