Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Walk Alone

I Walk Alone

I walk alone in this world
To the sky, the moon, and the stars
I walk alone through the endless night
Till I find the way to the light
There are times I could feels your warm embrace
But then it disappears and runs away
Many sadness tears run down my face
Now I realized that you couldn’t always stay
I wish that time could turn itself
To the day I found myself
Falling deeply in love with you again
But then feelings play trick with me
Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out
Whether the love I felt were real
And I wish you could be by my side
To help me solve the problems in my mind
But you’re far away from me
So I’m just all alone at night
Looking at the sky for answers I couldn’t find
And hope the start could be my comfort
My companion when times are tough
But stars don’t last throughout the night
Again I left all alone by myself
Hoping the rain would fall right now
To wash away this sadness eyes
So I could life this face and smile
Waiting for the sun tomorrow to shine
To dry my tears so I won’t cry.

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