Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Helpless Love

Helpless Love

It annoy me that i cant help you
Seeing you in pain, hurts me lots
I wanna take you with me to fly
Forgetting the past, and remember the now

I dont want to see your sad face
I want to see you smile everyday
There are so many logic and questions to be solved
I wish i could give you every answer

I love you baby, i want you well
I wish you could just smile.. and never cry
I want to take your burdens, your guilt onto my shoulders
Carrying them for you, baby i want to

Hey listen to the birds singing, the wind blowing
Look at the trees, the sun rays, the feeling
Close your eyes now, breathe in the fresh air
Let go of the past, let go of the burden

Baby i love you, i will always be here
Be happy, be strong, smile and laugh
Let the world know, you are happy
Then all my days will shine for you :)

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