Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hate without Hate!!!!!

Hate without Hate!!!!!

Hating you because you left my world without looking back
Never thought that hatred is sorrow that devour my soul
Looking back to now our painful memories
And my heart starts to shed into thousand pieces
Realizing the importance of your existence to me
Causing the tears of my heart to burn with every drop
How can you leave without any doubts?
Do you know the unbearable pain you left for me?
Can you see that hatred is killing what is left of me?
Hatred is like a blizzard
Once it blows past you, and leaving so little behind
Leaving you only the feelings of hopelessness and darkness
And all the while the hatred devours me
I still feel the love for you, so strong,
That it made me felt uncertain
So blinding that now the only feeling left of me
Is the feeling of hatred within love....

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