Friday, March 27, 2009

Changed My Life

Changed My Life

by TiiNA BABBiiE

There was this young girl
only 15 years old.
Her life was a mess, always so cold.
No one seemed to care about her.
For everything she was always unsure.
She alwasys thought about killing herself.
She was so lost, she felt as there was no help.
She hurt herself in ways people wouldnt understand.
All she had was cuts on her arms and hands.
She cried everyday of her life.
Keeping everything inside.
Her bestfriend was a knife
or as she thought in her mind.
Until one day, the day things changed.
The day where she never felt the same.
Came this one person who put a smile on her face.
It was something she never felt before.
She felt as if she was flying through space.
For once she felt adored.
He brought life back into her.
She was diseased and he was the cure.
After that day she left her bestfriend.
Tried to be happy as much as she could.
She knew as long as hes in her life
shed be okay.
She loves him more than anything.
And hopes one day to be his wife.
With him everything just fades away.
Everything turned into color, its no longer gray.
She loves him very much.
Shes just wants to feel his touch.
Be with him forever.
And leave him never.

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