Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Sound

The Sound

There are many sounds
But i love the sound of my cell phone
When i recieve an SMS from someone important to me
Just a simple sound
Nothing special, not a masterpiece
But it give me happiness more than any art i can find
Because i know, she replied. She thinks of me, she cares
Maybe only for that momment when she write, and choose my name on her phone
And press the send button. But it's enough for me. She though of me.
I was there, in her mind. I'm so glad.
Maybe she do think of me all the time, maybe not when she is busy.
But when the i hear the sound, i know for sure, that she did think fo me.
That sound wash away the feeling of missing her
Make me smile, wash away all bad emotions, in that momment i hear.
Each time, everytime, before i get to read the message
I get all excited, wondering if she will say "I love you"?
So unlikely, so rarely... From my observations
But still i become excited and happy, because i keep hoping
Imagining how great it is, to see these 3 words.
"I love you", i would answer instantly: I love you too
Just a sound, less than 1 second.
Makes me happy everytime.

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