Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love Everlasting

Love Everlasting

Written from my heart sealed with my kiss
These words will describe our eternal bliss
And when I lay my head to sleep on my bed
You are the thoughts wondering in my head

When my eyes shut I see an image of you
Nothing can distract for you are my only view
I wish you were here, holding me so tight
Yet instead I will be dreaming of you tonight

I dream of the future that together we'll share
The laughs and cries we'll see in this love affair
I count down the minutes until I see you next
I just want to run away with you into the sunset

I've fallen in something that is magical and deep
A picture drawn inside my heart forever to keep
An essay written in words the describe this love
A prayer to the angels thanking them up above

I look into your eyes and I see forever right there
I feel it in your touch as you brush through my hair
And each time we kiss I feel the love deep down
You've changed my life and turned my world around

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