Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost in my though

Lost in my though

Lonely road in the lonely night,
I wonder why you're acting so strange tonight.
We are not fighting but there is something I couldn't see.
I wish you can take all your courage to tell me.
I just don't want to be another boyfriend.
I want to be someone who you can take my hand,
and tell me everything. Whats on your mind.
Your attitudes tonight make me so blind.
You make me wonder if you really love me,
but because of you, I'm trying my best to be
a man of independent to meet up your expectation,
and protect you from everything, my devotion.
But tonight, you shaking the foundation of a man you give hope to,
because now I wonder if your love is true.
Throughout the night, I wasn't even in sight,
and you were flirting with another guy right in front of my sight.
How am I suppose to deal with this?
Should I be mad at you?
Even though there are moments I was really pissed
But I try not to.
In the end, I guess its not your fault at all.
My jealousy is acting up because of what I saw.
I expect too much from you
without knowing if your love is true.
And its all because of me,
I fall in love too fast, too hard.
My love will always be there.
I don't us to be a part.
I'm trying to keep our love simple,
but it's not easy to do it myself.
In the lonely road, if you're not there to help me,
surely, I will fail.

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