Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Emotion In Sleep

Every night before i go to bed
I miss you
When i am in bed, i miss you
Miss you so much that i just ly there
thinking of you every momment i could
Tried to sleep but i couldnt
Waves of thoughs about you keep crushing in
Giving me panic, also happiness
I fear to one day i will lose you baby
I fear one day i need you more
I fear one day you dont need me anymore
I fear the day you turn your back...
But im so happy for now i have you
That future day has not yet come
I wont believe it comes if i try hard
Even if it does, i'll still try my best

Oh baby what are you doing there so far awảy
Are you eating, laughting, crying... or just sitting there?
I want to know every minuts of what you do
Do you think of me? I miss you so much
I wanted to never sleep to think of you
And wanted to hear your beautiful voice
Wanted to call you... but u wouldnt want
So just lying there on my bed missing
I wanted to ask you once, just once
That would you ever say: I love you
Out of nowhere that sounds so great
That you need me, as much as i do
I wanted to phone u, to talk and never sleep
To feel that you are with me, and not anyone else
So many thoughs... sometimes makes me sad

But im soo happy, because i love you
And from time to time, you would show ur love

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