Saturday, March 21, 2009

So Much To Me

This poem describes a time when I was unable to deal with the closing of a relationship. This person was my best friend. I think that ending a friendship is hard and should be considered carefully.

So Much To Me
by Jenny

Another day is passing
And still there is no word
On how your life is going
And who is in your world

I pray you will consider
These words I write to you
I liked you in my life
Yet maybe now it's through

I don't want to see
our relationship come to an end
And I don't want to find
our lives standing still

We are moving towards the end
And we really ought to wait
Because God planted something special
Deep within our hearts

I know your life is hectic
You are busy all day through
My life is busy also
But I still think of you

I want to send my love
And remind you of these things
Just so you will know
You mean so much to me

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