Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perfect Mother

Perfect Mother
Rosie B. Reyes

I'm not the perfect mother,and this I know is true
I never really took the time to tell you I love you,
I always wanted perfect,the bedrooms and the plates
I never really took the time to stop and appreciate.
I always was too busy,I never really looked,
I expected way too much from you,
even made you read your own books.
I know you saw the mothers who made lemonade and cakes,
who always really took the time to stop and to relate.
You all are young men now i know its much to late.
I wish I was the mother who stopped to make a date.
To make a date to be there,to giggle and to play,
to only worrie what else to do and never hesitate.
I know I hardly said it but this I know is true:
I hope you do believe me when I say that I love You!

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