Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Tomorrow

Iwrote this poem when I saw a movie about abortions. I could not believe how people could abort their kids. I mean they become sexually active and then they get pregnant and they don't want the kid. That is so selfish, in my opinion anyway. I could understand if the mothers life was in danger but...I will never understand anything else. Just look at all these people who want kids and can't have them. Abortions are just not the way to do it.

No Tomorrow
by Angel Towe

I am going to die tomorrow,
But yet I haven't been born.
My mother shows no sorrow,
For I am a product of love torn.

I will never see the light of day,
I will never smell a flower,
I will never walk along a waters bay,
Or feel the drop of an Aprils shower.

It hurts for no one to show me love,
I will never be hugged or kissed,
When I have gone to the heavens above,
I wonder if I will be missed.

Today is my last day to live,
My last thought, my last breath.
Just think of all I could give,
But tomorrow I'll be put to rest.

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