Saturday, March 21, 2009

Left alone in the past

This is a poem on the truths of friendships that start out as being the best and ending as being the worst. I am a younger gal, at age 14 as of 1999, and I met a gal that was 18 when I was 9, and we became such good friends.

She walked out on me when the age gap finally got in our way. I write poems about feelings, and this poem is about my feelings of the after- math of a best friendship breaking off into a distant place, where all is left is the hurt and the absence in your heart, that of which nobody can ever refill.

Always remember the good times of friendship, and remember what was, not what has become of a good situation into a bad. Always stay positive. Friendships are the best, don't let them die.

Left alone in the past

by Brande

Left alone in the past
Forgotten friendships buried, never meant to last
She walked away from me
Why couldn't I foresee?
Time standing still
Another way to deal, another pill
The sky is gray with hate
One thing tore us apart, your fate
Now what will you do?
Who will confide in you?
Remember the times we shared?
Remember how well we paired?
The consequences are tough
You only knew how to treat me rough
Who is next in line?
Will you, too, break their spine?
Look at what you've done
This time I will stand in front of you, I won't run
Don't bother me anymore
All you touch, you tore
What you wanted, you took
Now I glance back, I take one last look
You left me alone in your past
Forgotten friendships buried, never meant to last

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