Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Tell Me

Just Tell Me
Melissa Billingsley

I don't how long I can go on living this lie,
Pretending I don't love you when I look into your eyes.
You told me not to fall for you, you wouldn't be there to catch me,
But my heart just wouldn't listen and now this feeling scares me.
I'm running around in circles, not knowing what road to take
Scared to take the roads unknown the decision is so hard to make.
I wish you felt the same for me that I so strongly have for you.
I pray at night that God will hear and make this one wish come true.
You confuse me with your actions, sometimes I feel like you more than care.
Other times your cold and bitter like when ever she is there.
I'm tired of hiding how I feel so please be honest with me,
If you love me then just tell me, if you don't then let me be.

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