Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hurting In The Present For Persevering The Past

This poem is about my ex- boyfriend that I loved with all of my heart. Then he dumped me and left me for another girl. And I still have feelings for him and I know that he hurt me but I just can't let go of the past and it is killing me inside. I can't seem to rid my memories of us.

Hurting In The Present For Persevering The Past
by Breanna Martinez

Now that you're gone it seems I long for you day and night
As I reminisce of your kisses as you held me tight
I never dreamt that you would leave
I thought that you would be here to stay
I cried my self to sleep when I heard you say
" Can we just be friends? "
Your words tore me apart, as you stole my heart
You left me stranded, no where to go , no one to turn to
In that situation that selfish person would be you
It seems as if you didn't care, about me nor my feelings
as you left me in despair
I start to cry whenever I hear your name,
as your voice repeats in my head

"Can we just be friends?"
I ask myself every day, Was it because of me?
But how? I never loved some one with a love so deep
I sit here now alone and depressed
Wondering if you feel my loneliness
Just then I start to tremble because I know that the answer is no
You left me because you loved her so
Wishing things were as they were
Before I lost you, before her
But. since my love was so strong I strived and no matter what hung on

It's been a while, at least a month and a half
You could even call it the past
And still to this day I still hear you say
"Can we just be friends? "
Although it's hard, I now know that you weren't the one.
And it is time for me to move on
So when you crawl back and ask
"Can we be more than just friends? "
You'll see me sigh, them give my reply.

"Though I have awaited this day for so long,
what you did was just wrong.
All the pain that you put me through,
my conclusion is that the fault was on you.
You had your chance, I just don't feel the romance.
It was your loss and my gain, sorry to say,
but my feelings just aren't the same"

Just then I start to cry because I know that my words are lies,
deep down I know I desperately want him back
But I am not going to give in this time
I've learned from my pain that I am not going to get hurt again
Now I say to you, " Sorry, this is the end,
We are just friends"
So in words short and few, "We're through! "

No more longing for the past that I once endured
The only thing it brought me was suffering and hurt
Now I'll just wait to see what the future has in store
And not wait around for him anymore.

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