Saturday, March 21, 2009

The End

Iwrote this poem after I realized that my friendship with my best friend was over. We had been fighting for a few months, and then after a day in school where we walked by and totally ignored each other, I knew we could never be friends again.

The End
by Dev

I turn the corner, and there you are,
While we both pretend not to see the other.
We keep walking, our eyes straight ahead,
And I'm grateful, as we pass one another.

We were best friends for one year,
A year of laughter, a year of tears.
In the short time of bliss,
We had promised to be friends for years.

But those years' have now been altered,
And the friendship has lasted just one.
I know that it is the end,
This is a friendship that will not be won.

You don't understand why it ended,
Or that I didn't want it to.
But sometimes in life,
You have to do what you have to do.

This was one of those cases,
I could no longer call you my friend.
I now know it can never go back,
And I have to realize, this IS the end.

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