Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Prayer

A Prayer

She’s 13 year old girl
Her name is Emily Nicole
Lord protect her from every evil
She’s special.

Her favorite colour is black and red
Lord never make her sad
Fill her with your grace
And be with her always.

Yeah, you know every night I pray
Lord make her every morning a brand new day
Give her the power to fight against all her enemies
Take away all her troubles & worries.

When she’s falling, hold her hand & lift her up
Lord make her life easy and not tough
I don’t wanna see her hurt, just don’t let it be set her free
And if you got no choice then protect her and put that on me.

Wipe off her tears (when she’s crying) I don’t wanna see her cry
Lord spread out her wings let her fly
Make all her dreams come true
In your name I pray lord I love you.

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