Sunday, April 5, 2009

Deep inside

Deep inside I know what I feel is true
I’ve fallen deeply in love with you
You have completed me in a way
That I feel that without even your voice I cant live a day
I’ve tried to tell my heart no, stop in your track
But these feelings come rushing back
Like the waves the ocean on the shore
You slam right down, striking me to the core
Your my inspiration, my desire,
No water will outten this fire
No time to question manifest destiny
You were the one put here for me
Its not about sex, its only bout what’s right
Through the dark, you are my light
I pray that I guide you in the same you have for me
And happiness we always can see
No matter the fight, or the difference we may come across
This feeling of trueness will never be loss
Your the candle that guides me through the dark
I didn’t know it, but you had me from the start
One day we will look back at all this
And we will remember that one single kiss
That neither of us could see
That would grow love deep inside you and me

Poet: Ryan Diehl

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