Sunday, April 5, 2009

To live & To be loved

There’s no harm in walking alone,
Just hold your head up and walk tall,
Walk in pain, that’s Okay,
Keep the wound in you and smile at your foe,
Your wound will vanish,
You’ll be looked up to and respected,

It’s not a shame to talk about your hurt,
Just make sure you have chosen the right one to listen,
Make a mistake or 10 others,
Keep them with the right person and learn from them,
Your heart will not build hatred,
You’ll grow stronger,

It’s alright to fail in love,
Be ready the next time you fall,
And have your mind involved,
Know that what you have now can be lost,
Your heart will not allow yourself nor others to do it wrong,
You’ll acknowledge the complexity in love,

It’s not dishonoring to satisfy others,
But it is if you’re not doing it because you want to,
No matter what you do, do it for yourself first,
If it benefits others, you have done it well,
Your arms, keep them wide open for help,
You’ll learn to accept differences,

Have your path lit with candles of hope,
Whenever one blows off, put it on,
Trust some, hear all,
Stand by them those you need by you,
This is to live in dignity and die in honor,
This is to be loved by the ones you care for.

Poet: Immad Haider Ali

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