Sunday, April 5, 2009



The night was dark& the moon was high,
stars were decorated in the limitless sky,
on an unseen,unknown path melancholy,
thinking of someone i was walking slowly.

that enchanting river & the cold breeze,
oh,in my heart that moment has got freezed,
my breathe were frost & my steps were stopped,
looking at you my senses got locked.

about one i was thinking,was in front of me,
since a long of whom i was wishing to see,
by looking into the eyes we told everything,
to say in words there remained nothing,

the passion has grown so deep & intense,
which was impossible to stop by any fence,
impeccable& innocent, he came closer to me,
like to touch the shore travel the waves of sea.

i lived my whole life in that single moment,
oh, i still remember the night so calm & silent,
moving his hand forward he gave a smile,
i hold it and we walked a mile& mile.

that walk will be life long or not i can't say,
after this night,when will come the day?
i don't know where destiny will take us
but i can say,yeah this is the spirit of true LOVE.

Poet: zainab haseeb

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