Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Weeping Symphony

The Weeping Symphony

by Eduard Bey

Alone I listen quietly,
They whisper softly, bitterly,
Those fleeting drops slip hurriedly,
Through clouds of silver, weeping openly.

My heart tugs aching, knowingly,
The tears they cry speak truthfully,

Each one longing hopelessly,
Hug their moments here so tenderly,
Shivering, pleading quietly;
Please, please notice me.

The world gazes seemingly,
Without remorse, so unforgivingly,

Passing, slipping constantly,
Those tears they cry so dolefully,
Will stain this wretched humanity,
For now, and all eternity.

And still those drops continue falling quietly,
Imploring, please, please notice me.

Oh cruel world watching purblindly,
Why do they deserve this cruelty,
How is justice wrought in inequality,
Dear rain drops of this world, see.

This vision screeching restlessly,
Raining, slowly drowning me,

Remember earth your earned decree,
Your evil and brutality,
The face of meekness and impeccability,
For pay you will, eventually.

Hearken to this melancholy melody,
This sadness singing wistfully,

Remember that alone to be,
Is worse than life that isnt free,
Worse than death's uncertainty,
And worse than love's last dying plea.

Such is this life, so painfully,
Spent slipping in the vastness of this sinful sea.

And so, listening to this weeping symphony,
I pen this sad soliloquy,
To these remorseful rain drops dripping silently,
Alone I listen.. quietly.

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