Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Lost Love

My Lost Love
by Kirt Rainford

What is this thing called love,
In a land where chaos is spelled out in doves?
I tried so hard to understand;
what does it mean to hold your hand?
If only our feet would touch the sand
then our lives could be oh, so grand.

Tell me then what are we to be?
Is there really no chance you'll fall in love with me?
Like it was at the very start,
when all that mattered was our hearts?
When we would walk across the fields -
In moon and starlight we were concealed, nothing could ever go wrong, when moments were forever, but never so long.

I know time has changed and your feelings are buried, but isn't it worth digging for what we cherished?
If you truly loved me, you'd know.
Though you said it so often, I just don't believe Anyone could know or feel my pain or love anyone so much, but all in vain, words just couldn't explain the feeling I get when i hear your name I couldn't ever be the same, but to you it all seems like a game.
When you said your wish would remain,
did you really mean that or am I going insane?
Or maybe time has told you're not the same, That you gave up and I'm to blame.
I'm sorry for those times past,
Hurting you is what i'd want last..

I'd give you everything you need,
but until that day, my heart will bleed.
Love is like that it starts with a seed, It's blossom is magical, but it turned out a weed.

My love is of the past, or lifetimes to come, but my pain is the punishment for what i've done.
Looks like our paths fork separately,
Unless of course you take the one with me..
But isn't that love? Cos don't you see;
You'll only find me when you need me!

My only wish is for the right thing
We can start looking and finding,
It doesn't matter about the timing
For my Lost Love is the shadow of Heidi..

Written by Kirt Rainford
copyright ©2011 Kirt Rainford

Author Comments:

I am Kirt Rainford, I'm 17, from the UK, and this is a true poem I'd like to submit that I wrote about My Lost Love.

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