Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make It Real

Make It Real

by Bilal anaim

Make it real is
the way that I feel
Though my lips can't
scream out these words

I can't decide to
make up your mind
Even if I knew it before
Familiar to me to walk

down this street
And I'm walking down it again
You are who you are
so open your heart

And you shall find
a true friend
I'm pushing I know
I can't help it though

So close to what
I've wanted for so long
It's time to face now
I can't show you how

All I can say is
I know I'm not wrong
If you give me your heart
I won't tear it a part

For I see that It's
fragile and broke
Just trust me please
I'm down on my knees

Purposing to in love provoke
Awaken from sleep
and then us to keep
An intimate relation of truth

Go back to the past
we'll get through it fast
Then we'll enjoy
new youth

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